Welcome to Pass the Popcorn! Where 4 friends who’ve known each other for over a decade and decided to put our college diplomas and film degrees to good use and record weekly film reviews. We are: Adam, Alex, Lewis & Rebecca.

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What initially started as a fun thing to do on the weekends as a way for us to stay in contact more and keep our filmy brains ticking has turned into a youtube channel and podcast.

Some say why us, but why not us. After all, we’re the viewer and target audience for most of the films out there so why not put our media context minds to the game and give the public honest reviews. One thing you can always count on with Pass the Popcorn is some great film recommendations, honest reviews and a good laugh along the way.

To add an extra level to our reviews and make them different and quirky from the rest we have created our own animated and illustrated world inside the Pie and Slippers Cinema. Throughout our different formats and video’s you’ll explore our animated world.

So far we have 4 different review formats:

The Rewatchables

For The Rewatchables we review our favourite films throughout the years from 1980 to the present day. To mix things up a little we host a competition. Whoever’s film is rated the best for each year wins a special episode token. The person with the most points can redeem there token and we’ll do a special edition episode reviewing any film of the winners choice. 

That Price?

For That Price? we review a new release film that was either recently released online via platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV. As well as this we review new Theatrical release. 

Harpin’ On

For Harpin’ On we host selective commentary videos (commentary on certain scenes from films). But to add a flare to our videos, Harpin’ On are full animation videos with our avatars inside the Pie & Slippers Cinema.

Turn Telly On

For Turn Telly On we review seasons and episodes from some of our favourite television shows.

Follow our progress as we review our way through film history via the Pass the Popcorn Letterboxd or on our Youtube and Instagram below