Rebecca Gill is an award-winning film producer from Blackburn, Lancashire. Leaving school, she was unsure of what path to pursue but continue her studies into a subject which she believed sounded fun. After always having a creative flair, Rebecca decided on Media and after her first video production class, fell in love with filmmaking. As the years past Rebecca produced many short films with friends and fellow students which lead to her winning her first award at 19 just as she enrolled at University of the Arts London. Now several years on, degree in hand and a prestigious track record of producing short films, Rebecca continues to build her knowledge of producing by working within numerous production companies and producing independent live-action and animated series and films.  She has experience as a Producer, Production Coordinator and Assistant in Film and Episodic Live-Action, Animation and VFX Content. She is currently a VFX Production Coordinator at Cinesite and an Animation Producer at Perpetual Arts Studios.

Please contact via the details to the left for availability and rates. DBS Cleared, Full UK Clean Driver’s License and Emergency First Aid Qualified. Bases in both London & Manchester. *Coronavirus Awareness Trained 2020 & 2021, Disability, Neuro-divergent and Production Sustainability Awareness Trained*


1st Class Honours – BA (Hons) Film Practice

University of the Arts London,

London College of Communication 2019.

Passion and Purpose

Since beginning her filmmaking and producing career Rebecca has always wanted to be a part of creating magic for films. For Rebecca, this is categorised as Passion and Purpose.


“In terms of passion, I want to create magical content with great craftsmanship to seamlessly support a film or shows story through aesthetic unforgettable visuals. To do this I’m fluid with my work and enjoy working on different mediums such as live-action, animation, & VFX heavy films or shows. To me, animation and VFX make the impossible possible and add magic and flare to shows or films people can only dream of. Fantasy becomes reality and if executed well, they immerse audiences like never before, really enhancing the narrative and director’s vision”.


“In terms of purpose, I want to create worlds where everyone can see themselves. I want everyone from every background, every race, sexuality, gender, visible or invisible disability to see themselves in what I make. To do this I go into every project I work on and see how I can make it more diverse with the ultimate goal of representing the under-represented”.

Combining these together Rebecca’s hope and sole purpose is to encourage inclusion and equality both on-screen and behind the camera, to fully represent the under-represented, knockdown stereotypes and tell true authentic stories with a hint of magic.