Perpetual Arts Studios

Perpetual Arts Studios Is an Award-Winning creative animation studio based in South London and is made up of a diverse range of creative individuals with a combined experience of over 20 years in the animation, television and film industry. Perpetual Arts is a fully integrated production company that is capable of successfully blossoming projects from concept through to final delivery. Together we produce, design and animate our projects in-house and work with a range of highly skilled freelance creatives to ensure each project is delivered to the highest standard. Collectively we work on only a few projects at once so we can throw our hearts and souls into our projects and strive to make them authentic, original and exceptionally crafted. 

Our mission and purpose is to create and develop animated content with diverse themes that can be related to by everyone not just in the UK, but also globally. Our ethos is to represent the underrepresented so that everyone sees themselves in our shows and films. We aim to tackle diverse issues by representing race, gender, sexuality, disability and lower socio-economic class and by bringing these issues into our animations we aim to break down barriers and knockdown stereotypes. Our sole purpose to represent the underrepresented.

The studio is made up of Founder, Creative Director & Animator Tayo Olarewaju, Script Writers David Kline & Alex Brand and Producer Rebecca Gill.

See some of our work below:

*Artwork & Concepts Created by Tayo Olarewaju*